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Why & How to Make Ghee

Ghee has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine. Ghee is used in daily cooking, with oleaginous practices during periods of cleansing and is used externally to heal and soothe. Often it is blended with herbs to heal various ailments of the body and mind and is used regularly in an ayurvedic diet to maintain balanced health through the year and it is something you can make at home and use daily in moderation.

What is ghee?

Basically ghee is clarified butter. It’s made from unsalted butter in a simple process that separates the lactose containing milk solids from your butter.

Reasons to use ghee include:

-It is rich in flavor and taste great

-It’s casein-free so lactose intolerant individuals can enjoy it

-It’s rich in vitamins A,D,E and K, helping to support brian, eye, bone, joint health and immunity

-It’s a medium chain fatty acid which makes it an instant source of energy

-It’s rich in butyric acid which is important a t for a health digestive tract and anti-inflamitory

-It has been researched to be a heart healthy fat

-It remains stable with cooking in moderate to high temps

-It lubricates the connective tissues and skin

-It has been researched to aid in weight loss, and shows weight reducing results relative to other commonly used oils, sources of fat and butter.

How do I use ghee? You can use ghee as a replacement for butter with everything and never need to use butter again. You can start your day with a TBSP of ghee to ensure you get healthy fats and add your daily herbs to you ghee shoot to help absorb the herbs.

You can add ghee to teas to support qualities of grounding nourishing.

How do I make ghee?

  • Melt 2-4 sticks of unsalted butter (preferably organic) on medium

  • Turn stovetop to low once butter starts to pop and let solids foam to the top.

  • Keep stove top at low watching so the butter doesn’t burn and remains golden, allowing butter solids to sink to the bottom of your golden liquid.

  • Once solids have sunk and you have a clear golden liquid, use a fine strainer to transfer ghee to a glass container.

  • You can enjoy your ghee, storing it on your counter or in a cupboard for up to 3 months

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