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Organic Health: Support your Spring organs (liver & gallbladder) in this simple seat.

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

The feet expose a lot! See what this seat might be telling you….

This posture is simple but harder than it looks for most. Try it out and see what is telling you. Come into a child's pose and tuck your toes under as much as you can. Sit back up keeping your toes tucked so your spine is tall and relaxed bringing your heels together and your knees hip distance apart on the earth.You can keep your hands rested in your lap as well. let your jaw, eyes, shoulders and traps soften as your hips relax towards your heels and your head stays light. Close your eyes or let them softly rest upon the earth and breath easily through your nose for up to 20 minutes (or even a minute is great if its all you can take...)

In Traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic systems of medicine and perspectives of health the Springtime is a season to pay extra care to your liver and gallbladder. Along with diet, exercise and reducing our stress load physical seats or asanas can really help us to cleanse, balance, and vitalize our being. Strengthening our immunity and our overall health. The meridians start in the feet so working with our feet daily is a perfect way to help us to ground, clear out stagnation and get our energy and blood circulating.

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